Sapphire Jewel Nozzles for for instrument measurement, mechanical processing, high-pressure water nozzles
  • Extremely hard, strong and wear resistant
  • Excellent thermal conductivity/heat resistance
  • Exceptionalchemical stability
  • Excellent transmission bandwidths (UV to IR)
  • Blank substrates, AR-coated pieces, and precision windows are available
  • The sapphire jewel nozzle is made of synthetic sapphire material (a- Al2O3≥99.99%) as the work piece, and is embedded with brass, copper, stainless steel,aluminum alloy, etc. as the outer cover.

    Sapphire jewel Nozzles are used where a longer Inner Diameter to Length ratio is desired. Using sapphire nozzles will provide longer life than using metal and we can hold tighter tolerances due to sapphires acceptance of higher surface finish.

    Typical Applications: Gas & Air Flow, Wafer Jet Cutting & Cleaning, Ink Jet Printing

    Sapphire nozzles mainly used in precision instrument measurement, mechanical processing, high-pressure water nozzles, cutting fluid nozles, medical dripping, etc. It has also been widely used in various automatic recording instruments such as synthetic fibers, dyes, food processing industries, thermal instruments, railways and aviation surveying and mapping, such as standard diameter indicators, observers, clocks, potentiometers,aerospace and aerospace gyroscopes etc.


    Jewel Nozzles

    Specifications of Cup Jewel Bearing

    Material Sapphire (Al2O3)
    Outer Dia. Φ0.60 ~ 8.00mm
    Height(H) 0.40 ~ 4.50mm
    Inner Dia.(d) 0.08 ~ 3.00mm
    TThe length of straight hole section 0.10 ~ 2.50mm
    Taper 60°~120°


  • Specific specifications, dimensions and technical requirements can be processed according to client' s drawings or design by us.
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