Rectangle Sapphire Windows are widely used in aerospace, medical, and industrial sectors for various applications.
  • Outstanding mechanical strength and chemical resistance
  • High thermal durability suitable for harsh environments
  • Max diameter: 600mm
  • Wide wavelength range: 150-5500nm
  • Available in blank substrates, AR-coated pieces, and precision windows
  • Sapphire offers excellent light transmission in the 0.20 to 5.50μm wavelength range, making it ideal for laser and infrared optical applications. Our products are widely utilized in endoscopes, watch glass, optical lenses, surface acoustic wave filters, military infrared windows, optical filters, observation windows for high/low temperatures, and cosmetic instrument windows, among others. Additionally, we provide services for anti-reflection, high-reflective, dielectric, filter, and metallized films.

    Sapphire windows are primarily available in four types: circular, oval, oblique circular, and step windows.


    High Quality Square Sapphire Windows


    Rectangular Windows Diagram

    Specifications of Rectangle Sapphire Windows

    Material Sapphire (Al2O3)
    Width 1mm ~ 600 mm
    Width Tolerance +/-0.05 mm
    Length 1mm ~ 600 mm
    Length Tolerance +/-0.05 mm
    Thickness 0.1 - 100mm
    Thickness Tolerance +/-0.01 mm
    Surface Quality 60/40, 40/20 or 20/10 S/D
    Parallelism 30 arc sec
    Chamfer < 0.25*45°
    Coating No coating or customized available

    Price list and specification index of Rectangle Sapphire Windows

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    Part Number Length Width Thickness Coating Price
    Rec-Win-Sapphire-001 12.50 mm 12.50 mm 1.00 mm Uncoated $45.00
    Rec-Win-Sapphire-003 25.40 mm 25.40 mm 1.00 mm Uncoated $115.00


  • Anti-reflection coatings can be tailored to your specified wavelengths.
  • While sapphire transmits ultraviolet light, it may exhibit fluorescence under intense ultraviolet sources. Therefore, it is recommended for use within visible to infrared wavelengths.
  • Ensure to wear laser safety goggles when inspecting optical paths and adjusting optical axes.
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