Sapphire Rods for medical device, accurate machine and inspection instrument
  • Extremely hard, strong and wear resistant
  • Excellent thermal conductivity/heat resistance
  • Exceptionalchemical stability
  • Excellent transmission bandwidths (UV to IR)
  • Blank substrates, AR-coated pieces, and precision windows are available
  • Sapphire Rods are used in a wide range of applications. A sapphire rod can be made with all surfaces polished for optical and wear applications or with all surfaces fine grind (un-polished) to serve as an insulator. Sapphire Rods are available in a range of outer diameter and lengths. OD’s as small as .0175″.

    Typical Applications: Pumps, Light Pipes, Spacers, Insulators, Wear Applications

    Sapphire possesses nice light transmission in 0.20 ~ 5.50μm wave band, is ideal for laser and infrared optical materials. Products widely used in endoscope,watch glass, optical lens, surface acoustic wave filter, military infrared window, optical filter, observation window for high/low temperature and cosmetic instrument windows, etc. We can provide anti-reflection film, high-reflective film, dielectric film, filter film and metallized film services.

    Sapphire Rods and ceramic rods according to the type of material. According to the type of part structure, they are divided into flat rods, single convex rods, double convex rods, rotor horizontal pins, special-shaped rods, blind hole rods, etc.

    Sapphire Rods are mainly made of synthetic sapphire single crystals with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, thermal and chemical stability, and good optical properties. After being made into high- precision components such as stopper rods and measuring rods, it often used in injection plug rods, measuring rods, laser rods, laser rangefinders, laser guidance meters, gyroscopes applications and are widely used in environments such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high thermal conductivity.

    Sapphire Rods are superior for rod bearing and standoff applications that involve high abrasion and wear while maintaining dimensional stability.

    Sapphire Rods are ideal for rollers and standoffs in high temperature furnace systems. Sapphire Rods remain straight and dimensionally "perfect" up to 1800C. Because of sapphire's extreme chemical resistance, many materials will not stick to sapphire in spite of high temperatures.

    Sapphire Rods and tubes are so chemically and bio-inert, they are the perfect materials for medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other applications where maintaining purity and health is critical.


    Flat Rods


    Single Convex Rods


    Double Convex Rods


    Circular Rods


    Tapered Rods


    Rotor Horizontal Pins


    Blind Hole Rrods

    Sapphire Reference Table

    Industries Served Applications
    Aerospace Windows, ball bearings, sensors
    Medical Dental tool tips, endoscopy, camera lens cover
    Oil & Gas Sight window without housing, gauges, diffusion plates
    Military Windows, viewports, sensors, range finders
    Research Containment tubes, cuvettes, lenses
    Semiconductor Plasma tubes, lamps, lasers

    Specifications of Sapphire Rods

    Material Sapphire (Al2O3)
    Outer Dia. Φ1.00 ~Φ80.00mm
    Diameter Tolerance +/-0.05 mm
    Length 6.00 ~ 80mm
    Length Tolerance +/-0.05 mm
    Surface Quality 40/20, 20/10 S/D
    Surface Accuracy 0.5-0.2
    Clear Aperture >90%
    Parallelism 30 arc sec
    Chamfer/Bevel < 0.25mm*45°
    Coating No/AR coating or customized available

    Price list and specification index of Sapphire Rods

    Please Contact us( for other dimensions in prototype and production quantities.
    Part Number Dia. Length Coating Price
    Rod-Sapphire-001 3.00 mm 25.00 mm Uncoated contact us


  • Anti-reflection coatings are also available at your specified wavelength.
  • Sapphire transmits ultraviolet light, but sometimes exhibit fluorescence when subjected to powerful ultraviolet sources. For this reason, they are best suited for use with visible to infrared wavelengths.
  • Be sure to wear laser safety goggles when checking optical path and adjusting optical axis.
  • sapphire rods are the go to material in so many applications. "Exceptional" applies to sapphire's performance under numerous conditions: mechanical, optical, thermal and chemical. In these cases, a sapphire rod is without a peer.
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